The Danish course is going well. I am working on two translations, which I hope to be able to put up on the ‘resources’ page when they are done:

The first is Esbern Lomholt’s ‘Sjælelivets Sækularisering’ [Secularizing Spiritual Life], which is a critical discussion of some of Løgsrup’s earlier writings, to which Løgstrup replies on pp. 171-2 of The Ethical Demand, where this debate raises the question of whether there has to be an ‘ultimate authority’ behind the ethical demand, and if so what it could be.

The second is Svend Andersen’s introduction to the Danish translation of Kierkegaards und Heideggers Existenzanalyse und ihr Verhältnis zur Verkündigung, which sets that work in context and analyses some of the key arguments. As my plan is to translate these German lectures into English as part of this project, Andersen’s introduction has been a useful source of information on the text.


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