Edinburgh talk

Just back from giving a talk in Edinburgh to the Scandinavian Studies Research Seminar, under the title ‘World Famous in Denmark: The Thought of K. E. Løgstrup and Its Place in the History of Philosophy’. After outlining some of Løgstrup’s key ideas, I discussed his influence in Danish philosophy, education and health care, and considered why until recently Løgstrup’s work was not better known outside Scandinavia, arguing that many of his ideas were ‘untimely’ but now appear highly prescient.

It was an enjoyable occasion, with some excellent discussion and questions, and nice to be talking to an inter-disciplinary audience.

PS I have now posted the audio file and the power points from the talk here

Please bear in mind that this was an inter-disciplinary audience of non-specialists, so I was consciously simplifying some of the issues: so please don’t take what I say here on some issues of interpretation as my final view! Therefore please do not cite or quote.


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