Olesen Larsen translation

I have posted a translation of an article by K. Olesen Larsen on the resources page here

The article is a response in 1957 by Olesen Larsen to the publication of The Ethical Demand the year before. It is highly critical of what Olesen Larsen sees as an attempt to read the love commandment as the ethical demand in a ‘humanistic’ manner. To Olesen Larsen, all that matters is that we obey the commandment, and the more we relate it to the human good and so see it as an ethical demand, the less we will follow it in pure obedience. The article is therefore helpful in understanding Løgstrup’s rift with the Tidehverv circle, of which Olesen Larsen was a leading representative, where a lot hinged on how to see the relation between ethics and religion, humanism and Christianity.


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