MacIntyre and Løgstrup

The British Society for the History of Philosophy conference has just been held in Sheffield, and I organised a panel for it on MacIntyre and Løgstrup. The four speakers were as follows:

  • Hans Fink (Aarhus), ‘MacIntyre and Løgstrup on Secularization and Moral Change’
  • Simon Thornton (Essex), ‘Rival Conceptions of the Self in MacIntyre and Løgstrup’
  • Sophie-Grace Chappell (Open University), ‘Rationality, Dependency, Vulnerability and Mercy’
  • Robert Stern (Sheffield), ‘Løgstrup and MacIntyre on Natural Law’

I have posted the papers by Fink and Thornton on the resources page, and the powerpoint for my talk on the draft papers page; the paper by Chappell is available from her on request


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