CFP Levinas and Løgstrup

There is a call for papers for the edition of The Monist that Irene McMullin and I are editing, on Levinas and Løgstrup. See details below:

Publication date: January 2020
Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2019

How much does ethics demand from us? On what authority does it demand it? How does what ethics demands relate to other requirements, such as those of prudence, law and social convention? Is ethics even a matter of demands, or instead of love? These are fundamental questions at the heart of the work of K. E. Løgstrup and Emmanuel Levinas, to which they seem to give broadly similar answers, centering on our encounter with other people who are vulnerable to us. However, while Levinas is widely recognized as a leading thinker and has been much discussed, the Danish philosopher Løgstrup has been largely ignored until recently, although some important thinkers (such as Alasdair Macintyre and Stephen Darwall) are beginning to pay attention to his work; and Oxford University Press has recently agreed to publish translations of four of his texts, adding to the material that is available in English. The purpose of this edition of The Monist is to take this reception much further by examining key features of Løgstrup’s account and by setting it in dialogue with Levinas on these central issues in ethics. We welcome papers which consider the extent of their common ground, or whether fundamental differences might still emerge. This collection will also test their approaches against various criticisms to see whether insights from one thinker could be used to defend the other. It will be the first time the two philosophers have been juxtaposed in any depth. Doing so promises to not only deepen our understanding of Levinas but also to show how it can be fruitful to take Løgstrup’s position into account, thereby introducing a new figure into contemporary debates on the nature of our ethical relation to others.
Papers can be submitted to me directly. See instructions for authors here

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