Løgstrup, trust and Brexit

An interesting and insightful article here by Helen De Cruz, which uses Løgstrup’s view of trust to raise issues over the recent UK decision to opt for Brexit, and the impact that decision has had on people from other EU countries who live in the UK.


Løgstrup in China

Back from three weeks teaching Løgstrup at Tsinghua University in China, with Bjørn Rabjerg. It was a great experience.

Bjørn and I also got to work on our new translation of The Ethical Demand. The photo is us working on the translation in the wonderful gardens of the Summer Palace in Beijing.

Summer palace

OUP translations

I am pleased to say that Oxford University Press have agreed to publish new translations of the following works by Løgstrup, under the series editorship of myself and Bjørn Rabjerg. This should hopefully increase the readership of his writings. They are planned to appear in late 2019 or early 2020
Den Etiske Fordring/The Ethical Demand
Translators: Bjørn Rabjerg and Robert Stern
Introduction: Bjørn Rabjerg and Robert Stern
Kierkegaards und Heideggers Existenzanalyse/Kierkegaard’s and Heidegger’s Analysis of Existence
Translators: Robert Stern, with Christopher Bennett, Jessica Leech, Joe Saunders, and Mark Textor
Introduction: Robert Stern
Opgør med Kierkegaard/Controverting Kierkegaard
Translators: Kristian-Alberto Lykke Cobos and Kees van Kooten Niekerk
Introduction: Bjørn Rabjerg
Etiske Begreber og Problemer/Ethical Concepts and Problems
Translators: Tom Angier and Hans Fink
Introduction: Hans Fink

ABC article

An article of mine has appeared online on ABC’s ‘Religion and Ethics’ pages: ‘The Expressions of Life: Does K. E. Løgstrup’s Ethics Require a Concept of God?’ Thanks to Scott Stephens for his interest in this piece, which is adapted from earlier article:

‘A Gift or a Given? On the Role of Life in Løgstrup’s Ethics’, in Gary Keogh (ed), The Ethics of Nature and The Nature of Ethics (Lanham: Lexington Books, 2017), pp. 53-70