Løgstrup and Murdoch at the Joseph Butler Society

I was pleased to give a paper on Løgstrup and Iris Murdoch at the Joseph Butler Society for Philosophy of Religion, based in Oxford – though of course the talk was given online. The title was ‘Can We Make Ourselves Morally Better? Murdoch and Løgstrup on Evil, Grace, and Techniques of Unselfing’


Luther – with a little Løgstrup

I have had two articles published in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy relating to my recent research work on Martin Luther – one is on Luther himself, and the other on Luther’s influence on subsequent philosophers, such as Hobbes, Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, and Heidegger – and Løgstrup! You can access the articles here:

Løgstrup translations

I am very pleased to announce that Oxford University Press have recently published translations of The Ethical Demand, Kierkegaard’s and Heidegger’s Analysis of Existence and its Relation to Proclamation, and Ethical Concepts and Problems. This is in a series of publications of translations of Løgstrup’s work, being co-edited by myself and Bjørn Rabjerg. You can find further details here.

Løgstrup on Luther, Kierkegaard and Proclamation

There are two new publications that relate to Løgstrup’s view of Luther, Kierkegaard and  proclamation

The first is a translation of Løgstrup’s article ‘The Category and the Office of Proclamation, with Particular Reference to Luther’

And the second is an article discussing this paper, co-written with my colleagues Chris Bennett and Paul Faulkner: ‘Indirect Communication, Authority, and Proclamation as a Normative Power: Løgstrup’s Critique of Kierkegaard’

Both these publications are in the latest issue of the Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal: here

Løgstrup in Oxford

I will giving a paper at the centenary conference of the Iris Murdoch Society in Oxford, 13-15 July, St Anne’s College. Mark Hopwood and I have organised a panel discussing Løgstrup’s relation to Murdoch. My paper is entitled:

‘Eros, Axioms, Duty, and the Void: A Comparison Between the Structure of Murdoch’s Ethics, and Løgstrup’s’

Løgstrup in Melbourne

I will be giving a seminar on Løgstrup at Deakin University in Melbourne on July 26th, see details here

I will also be giving the Max Charlesworth lecture on July 23rd, which will be on the subject of hope. I won’t be discussing Løgstrup explicitly, but he will be in the background of the talk!