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Løgstrup in Oxford

I will giving a paper at the centenary conference of the Iris Murdoch Society in Oxford, 13-15 July, St Anne’s College. Mark Hopwood and I have organised a panel discussing Løgstrup’s relation to Murdoch. My paper is entitled:

‘Eros, Axioms, Duty, and the Void: A Comparison Between the Structure of Murdoch’s Ethics, and Løgstrup’s’


Løgstrup in Melbourne

I will be giving a seminar on Løgstrup at Deakin University in Melbourne on July 26th, see details here

I will also be giving the Max Charlesworth lecture on July 23rd, which will be on the subject of hope. I won’t be discussing Løgstrup explicitly, but he will be in the background of the talk!


I was one of the guests on a BBC In Our Time programme today, on the subject of hope. Løgstrup is mentioned very briefly at the end, though not by me! It would have been nice to bring him in more, of course, as his views on hope are very interesting – but it seemed best to stick to more main-stream figures of the purposes of this programme…

Løgstrup and overdemandingness

I gave a paper at a conference at the University of Southampton on ‘How much does Morality Require of Us? Singer, Kant and Løgstrup’. I suggested that Løgstrup might provide an ideal middle way between Singer (who looks too demanding regarding the distant other) and Kant (who looks too undemanding regarding the proximate other), while Løgstrup’s distinction between the responsibility of the ethical demand, and our political responsibilities to others, may show what is wrong with Singer’s famous analogy between the child drowning in the pond, and those distant others who are in need, but less clearly ‘in one’s hands’.

Løgstrup in China

Back from three weeks teaching Løgstrup at Tsinghua University in China, with Bjørn Rabjerg. It was a great experience.

Bjørn and I also got to work on our new translation of The Ethical Demand. The photo is us working on the translation in the wonderful gardens of the Summer Palace in Beijing.

Summer palace