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Løgstrup and Murdoch at the Joseph Butler Society

I was pleased to give a paper on Løgstrup and Iris Murdoch at the Joseph Butler Society for Philosophy of Religion, based in Oxford – though of course the talk was given online. The title was ‘Can We Make Ourselves Morally Better? Murdoch and Løgstrup on Evil, Grace, and Techniques of Unselfing’

Phenomenology and Psychology

I have posted a translation of Løgstrup’s paper ‘Phenomenology and Psychology’ (jointly translated with Hans Fink). It provides an interesting discussion of the differences Løgstrup sees between psychology and phenomenology as ways of viewing the world, and the kinds of insights they can offer. It also sheds light on his description of his own method as phenomenological in The Ethical Demand and elsewhere, and what he intended this to mean.

See the resources page to download the paper: here

Løgstrup and trust

I have now finished my paper on Løgstrup and trust for the volume being edited by Paul Faulkner and Tom Simpson, concerning Løgstrup’s claim that trust is ‘basic’ and therefore somehow prior to distrust. I discuss what kinds of priority this might involve, and explore Løgstrup’s very interesting arguments in this area. The paper can be downloaded from here

‘The Nazi’s Philosopher’ translation

I have added another translation, of a newspaper article by Løgstrup published in 1936 called ‘The Nazi’s Philosopher’, which discusses Heidegger’s relation to Nazism – and argues that in fact Hitler was the philosopher, and Heidegger merely his ‘prophet’. It provides an interesting insight into Løgstrup’s view of Heidegger’s place in the history of pre-war Germany, when in later work he was more reluctant to discuss Heidegger in these terms – but he makes his disgust perfectly clear here.

See the resources page here