Løgstrup and natural law conference

Løgstrup and Natural Law

The aim of this conference is to consider the relation between the thought of the philosopher and theologian K. E. Løgstrup and the natural law tradition. While Luther’s influence on Løgstrup is well-known, and while Luther was himself a natural law theorist, the connection between Løgstrup and natural law has not been much explored, and indeed has even been denied by Alasdair MacIntyre and others. This conference will look at this issue in more detail, and consider questions such as whether Løgstrup was a natural law theorist at all; whether Løgstrup’s central concepts of ‘life as a gift’ and ‘sovereign expressions of life’ might be understood in natural law terms; Løgstrup’s use of the ‘golden rule’ which also formed part of the natural law tradition; where Løgstrup might stand in the division between Lutheran and Thomistic natural law accounts; and whether the very idea of natural law makes sense given recent developments in anthropology, which might suggest that there are no universal ethical norms at all, including the ‘sovereign expression of life’.

Thursday 28th – Friday 29th April 2016, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Venue: Building 1441, Auditorium 2, University of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

Thursday 28th April

9.00                Registration (in foyer)

9.30-11.00     Hans Fink (Aarhus): ‘Løgstrup and the Very Idea of a Natural Law’

11.00-11.30   Tea/coffee

11.30-1.00     Josh Furnal (Radboud): ‘MacIntyre on Løgstrup: The Doctrine of Creation in Lutheran and Thomist Perspectives’

2.00-3.30       Maria Odgaard Møller (Aarhus): ‘Human Nature in Ethical Debates: Løgstrup and the Ethical Turn in Anthropology’

3.30-4.00       Tea/coffee

4.00-5.30       Sophie-Grace Chappell (Open University): ‘Natural Law Ethics and Løgstrup’s Radical Demand’

Friday 29th April

9.30-11.00     Terence Irwin (Oxford): ‘Why Not Self-Interest?’

11.00-11.30   Tea/coffee

11.30-1.00     Robert Stern (Sheffield): ‘Life as a Gift, Natural Law, and Human Agency’

2.00-3.30       Michael Spezio (Scripps College): ‘Valuation of Others or Valuation of Norms?: Scientific Insights and Interdisciplinary Implications’

3.30-4.00       Tea/coffee

4.00-5.30       Svend Andersen (Aarhus): ‘The Golden Rule in Løgstrup’s Natural Law Ethics’



Organizers: Robert Stern (r.stern@sheffield.ac.uk) and Svend Andersen (teosa@cas.au.dk)

Sponsors: Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK), and the Carlsberg Foundation

The event is free, but please register attendance here

Refreshments will be provided. If you would like to register for lunches (at the cost of 100DKK), you can do so here.

A conference programme may be downloaded here

Page on PhilEvents here




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