Public engagement

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The following public engagement events will take place as part of this project:

October 2015: Talk to the Scandinavian Studies Centre,  Edinburgh: see details here

Audiofile available here    Powerpoint slides available here

Feb 2016: Weekend course, Oxford University Division of Continuing Education: see details here

March 2016: Talk to Centre for Nordic Studies, Sheffield

March 2016: Talk to the Malvern Science & Faith weekend

May 2016: Talk to HowTheLightGetsIn festival, Hay-on-Wye

May 2016: Talk at the International Care Ethics Observatory

June 2016: Talk to ‘Philosophy in the City’ teachers’ conference, Sheffield

Aug 2016: Public lecture, University of Sydney

October 2016: Talk to ‘Philosophy at the Showroom’, Sheffield

January 2017: Talk at Westminster Abbey

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