Draft Papers

Draft papers I am working on currently. Comments welcome, but please do not cite without permission:

  • ‘ “Duty and Virtue are Moral Introversions”: On Løgstrup’s Critique of Morality’, in Hans Fink and Robert Stern (eds), What is Ethically Demanded? Essays on Knud Ejler Løgstrup’s ‘The Ethical Demand’, Notre Dame: Notre Dame University Press
  • To download click here: Logstrup Kant duty
  • “Trust is Basic”: Løgstrup on the Priority of Trust over Distrust’, forthcoming in Paul Faulkner and Tom Simpson (eds), New Perspectives on Trust, Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • To download click: here
  • ‘Surrendering or Overpowering?: Medio-Passivity in Løgstrup’s Ethics’
  • To download click: here
  • ‘Løgstrup and MacIntyre on Natural Law’
  • To download click: here



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